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MS Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Satellite Applications for Aviation

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Opening of a new Advanced Master in September 2016: MS ANSEO

As part of the policy on continuous improvement and adaptation of its master program to meet the technological evolutions and air transport jobs, ENAC created a new Advanced Master Air Navigation System Engineering and Operations which replaces 3 advanced masters: MS aviation and Air Traffic Management, MS Air Ground Collaborative System Engineering and MS Communication Navigation Surveillance.

The MS ANSEO integrates the topics of the former masters by offering a systematic and global approach of the Air Navigation systems:  on ground (communication systems, navigation systems, surveillance systems, automated air traffic control systems), on-board (Satellite and avionics systems), and its operational methods (Air Traffic Management).

The advanced master Communication Navigation Surveillance and Satellite Application for Aviation is stopped and is replaced by the advanced master Air Navigation System Engineering and Operations - option MS ANSEO CNS/GNSS, for the start of the  academic year in September 2016

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