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ENAC and IATA gather their expertise to design a joint Master degree to answer new Airline operational management challenges in the global air transport industry.


  • The program will take place at the ENAC campus in Toulouse, France and at Etihad’s Abu Dhabi headquarters in the United Arab Emirates
  • Courses will be jointly conducted by IATA instructors and university professors. Participants meet twelve times during the programme, following the university’s academic calendar
  • The Advanced Master in Airline Operations program is scheduled once a year. The total cost for the program is 22,000$


In the competitive global Air Transport market, an airline must continuously innovate to secure its market position, cost operations and financial viability. It should meet safety performance expectations by operating safely and in accordance with international regulations.

The Advanced Master in Airline Operations Management interweaves operational expertise and comprehensive academic rigor to help airlines face these challenges.

The objectives of the Advanced Master in Airline Operations Management is to fulfil airline operational needs by training future managers who will reach executive functions in the field of airline operations and will have the capability to implement creative innovative management strategies or business models.

Successfully attending the course demonstrates that graduates possess:

  • Competencies and skills in the field of airline operations
  • Management skills resulting from the development of methodological and organizational proficiencies in several areas close to aircraft operations (safety, maintenance, training, stations)


The Advanced Master in Airline Operations Management is a part time program and is divided into two parts:

Academic course

The academic section consists of 12 weeks of classroom lectures and accompanied and supervised work to meet training objectives.

This part includes :

  • Airline Business Foundations
  • Flight Principles and Atmospheric Environment
  • Aircraft Airworthiness and Air Carrier Certification
  • Airline Flight Operations and Optimization
  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP) and Crisis Communications and Media Management
  • IT Tools for Airlines
  • Aviation Fuel Management and Carbon Trading for Aviation
  • Aircraft Turnaround Coordination and Load Supervision
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Training (Crew and MRO Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul)

Professional training

A professional thesis within an internship which is considered as a transition between academic training and professional experience (6 months).

Applicants are allowed to perform their internship in their own professional domain. The internship aims at developing personal initiatives and proposing creative solutions for problem-solving. The thesis is concluded by the preparation of a report and an oral presentation in front of a combined jury.


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