Sustainable development

Air transport is at the heart of sustainable development challenges. It must reconcile its development with greater consideration of effects on environment and society, while remaining economically viable. Sustainable development research consists in defining viable patterns which reconcile the three pillars (economic, social and ecological) of human activity to find a consistent and practicable balance over the long term.

ENAC, via its multi-disciplinary expertise applied to air transport, has identified sustainable development as a priority, cross-disciplinary research area. This area aims to unify different ENAC laboratories (mathematics and IT, telecoms, interactive IT and economics) around projects in different scientific areas applied to air transport.

Applied research areas currently investigated at ENAC are, for example:

  • Environmental and economic impact of air transport regulations
  • Integration of constraints and passenger well-being into the improvement process for communication procedures between various transport modes (airports, air traffic control, airlines, railway companies, bus companies, etc.)
  • Links between air transport and the economic development of a region or country


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