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[hal-01942264] 5G Positioning And Hybridization With GNSS Observations

Publications ENAC - Friday, 14 December 2018 - 14:33:05
The present paper depicts the tests and experimentations that have been carried out to show how GNSS and 5G can be used to improve positioning performance. In this frame, the design made during the 5G-Champion project has led to a solution combining both positioning systems in different environments to show in which cases one solution is better than the others and in which cases they can be complementary. The experimentations show the interest of GNSS in open-sky and rural areas where 5G base stations will not be close to the user and will not be able to provide accurate positioning data. On the other extreme, in canyons and urban environments where buildings and...

[hal-01942242] gmvBRAVE: A Powerful Tool for SBAS Engineering

Publications ENAC - Friday, 14 December 2018 - 14:32:12
GMV presents gmvBRAVE (Brief Report for Analysis, Validation and Engineering platform), a powerful tool for SBAS engineering. SBAS systems are in great demand since they have revealed to be very useful not only for air navigation but for applications in many other fields. This fact has enabled that many countries have taken the leap to develop their own systems, and thus, the necessity of having an engineering tool that allows the complete monitoring of the performances and algorithms of a SBAS system, both for its development and operational stages, has become crucial. gmvBRAVE is a tool that has been designed with such purpose: to contribute to improve the process of...

[hal-01942266] Hybridisations Based On Visual Information For The Localisation Of Self-Driving Cars

Publications ENAC - Friday, 14 December 2018 - 14:17:39
Safran has been working for several years on autonomy of vehicles. Whether it is airborne with the UAV Patroller, or on the ground with the military vehicle eRider and with the civilian autonomous car in cooperation with Valeo. This paper focuses on the use of visual information to improve the localisation of the car. More precisely, it presents, from a theoretical point of view, the different kind of visual information that can be used in the navigation filter to improve the localisation of the car and the corresponding hybridisation. The efficiency of these hybridisation are evaluated one by one on simulated and/or on real data.

[hal-01944595] Aircraft Atypical Approach Detection using Functional Principal Component Analysis

Publications ENAC - Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 12:04:20
Airports Terminal Maneuvering Areas (TMA) and Control Traffic Regions (CTR) are characterized by a dense air traffic flow with high complexity. In nominal operations, approach flight path safety management consists in procedures which guide the aircraft to intercept the final approach axis, and the runway slope with an expected configuration in order to land. Some abnormal flights are observed and considered as Non Compliant when the intermediate and the final leg intercepting conditions do not comply with the prescription of the operational documentation. This kind of trajectories generates difficulties for both crew and Air Traffic Control (ATC) and may induce...

[hal-01944608] Automated Data-Driven Prediction on Aircraft Estimated Time of Arrival

Publications ENAC - Thursday, 13 December 2018 - 12:02:31
—4Dtrajectorypredictionisthecoreelementoffuture air transportation system, which is aimed at improving the operational ability and the predictability of air traffic. In this paper, we introduce a novel automated data-driven model to deal with the short-term trajectory prediction problem in Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA). The proposed model consists of data mining and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). Firstly, the dataset is analyzed and cleaned by several criterions. Then, the flights in the dataset are split into partitions according to the runway in use (QFU). Prediction models of each QFU will be trained by the corresponding dataset. The experiments were firstly performed on...

[hal-01935746] What is it like for a middle manager to take safety into account? Practices and challenges

Publications ENAC - Friday, 7 December 2018 - 15:17:59
Aviation today is seen as a very safe industry, yet recent accidents have shown that vulnerabilities still exist. The literature has often drawn attention to the role played by top managers/CEO in running their businesses profitably, and at the same time keeping them safe from threats. Research has also investigated the way people at the sharp-end of organisations are ‘mindful’ of the possible threats that can occur in their day-to-day activities, and how they can anticipate (most of) them. But what about the role played by middle managers in ensuring safety in every organisational operation? Even if researchers now agree that middle managers’ actions are a valuable...

[hal-01767939] Individualized Visits to Foster the Engagement and the re-visit in Museums

Publications ENAC - Thursday, 6 December 2018 - 16:41:03
Museums have become places that, besides conserving and storing artefacts, provide visitors with education and amusement. They now have to compete with the entertainment industry to attract visitors and expand their audience. The use of digital technology is emerging as a solution. While many studies focus on the visitor side, we are interested in tools for museum staff. To understand their needs and processes, we adopted a participatory and iterative design process, involving museum professionals as end-users at each step (i.e. user observation, design, prototyping, users tests). We conducted 7 meetings, 4 interviews studies and 2 experimental observations with 12...
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