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In order to improve air traffic management, Communication, Navigation and Monitoring (CNS) Aeronautical Telecommunications systems are currently in a phase of  technological change giving them a more central and critical position within the air transport system.

Laboratoire TELECOM ENAC

The TELECOM team develops research activities on the validation and improvement of these new techniques in a the performance and safety critical environment of  the air traffic management system.

The research team is divided into 3 groups covering a large range of telecommunication issues and works in close synergy with:

Via the research work and expertise that it has undertaken, TELECOM laboratory has developed numerous partnerships with industrial stakeholders (e.g. Thales, Airbus, M3 Systems, ABBIA), French and European bodies (e.g. DGAC, Eurocontrol, EASA, CNES) and research academies in France (e.g. ISAE-SUPAERO, Université Fédérale Toulouse-Midi-Pyrénées, ENSEEIHT, UT Troyes, LAAS, UPS, ONERA), in Europe (e.g. UPC Barcelona, FAF Munich, TU Delft, Politecnico di Torino) and overseas (Stanford University, University of Calgary...).

Expert activities concerning practical implementation issues for traditional and future CNS systems are also developed, in partnership with educational teams in charge of initial training and professional development such as ENAC Engineer //// course, Master’s Degree in GNSS /// and  Advanced Masters /// within the Science and Engineering department of Aerial Navigation (SINA).

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