Application opens : graduate engineer degree, Masters of science, Advanced masters !

Issued on 14 November 2019

Graduate engineer degree

Admission in 2nd year of the training, this program is aimed at students holding Bachelor's degree (4 years of study) or an Master 1 validated in a consistent domain with the program of ENAC Engineer.
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Masters of science

This masters are usually aimed at graduate students who already have a Bachelor degree. Focused on specific scientific and technical fields, ENAC Masters of Science benefit from all the expertise of its research teams, to meet the growing needs of the global Air Transport market.

Please note: for the Graduate engineer degree and the Masters of Science, if you wish to apply for a scholarship, it is advisable to send the application file for the first jury. Deadline : 3 December 2019.
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Advanced masters

Applicants for an Advanced Master program must have a Master’s degree in science, or in engineering or management according to the selected program, or a Bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years of professional experience.

It is advisable to prepare the application file for the first jury held in January 2020, the deadline for applications is 5 January 2020.
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