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[hal-01619784] Verification of properties of interactive components from their executable code

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 20 octobre 2017 - 19:43:05
In this paper we describe how an executable model of interactive software can be exploited to allow programmers or spec-ifiers to express properties that will be automatically checked on the components they create or reuse. The djnn framework relies on a theoretical model of interactive software in which applications are described in their totality as hierarchies of interactive components, with no additional code. This includes high level components, but also the graphics, behaviors, computations and data manipulations that constitute them. Because of this, the structure of the application tree provides significant insights in the nature and behavior of components....

[hal-01609317] Team MAVion entry in the IMAV'17 outdoor challenge – A tail-sitting trajectory-tracking µUAV

Publications ENAC - Mardi, 10 octobre 2017 - 15:38:27
This paper outlines current research conducted on tilt-body micro air vehicles at ISAE, and how we exploit recent advances to provide a tail-sitting flying-wing entry for the IMAV'17 outdoor challenge capable of performing automatic vertical takeoff , landing, and trajectory-tracking.

[hal-01587253] A new trans-Atlantic route structure for strategic flight planning over the NAT airspace

Publications ENAC - Mardi, 10 octobre 2017 - 11:17:49
Air traffic across the North Atlantic airspace has witnessed an incessant increase over the last decades. However, the efficiency of trans-Atlantic air traffic management is still low nowadays due to the limited radar coverage. Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast systems represents an opportunity to enhance the strategic flight planning over the oceans by reducing separation standards between aircraft. Besides, the strong winds present a challenge for oceanic flights. Therefore, flying on the wind-optimal routes will save significantly both fuel and time. In this paper, we propose a new trans-Atlantic route structure that benefits from the jetstreams in order to...

[hal-01610970] Flight Simulation of a MAKO UAV for Use in Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis

Publications ENAC - Lundi, 9 octobre 2017 - 16:29:19
Last decade witnessed the rapid increase in number of drones of various purposes. This pushes the regulators to rush for safe integration strategies in a way to properly share the utilization of airspace. Accommodating faults and failures is one of the key issues since they constitute the bigger chunk in the occurrence reports available. The hardware limitations for these small vehicles point the utilization of analytical redundancy rather than the usual practice of hardware redundancy in the conventional flights. In the course of this study, fault detection and diagnosis for aircraft is reviewed. Then a nonlinear model for MAKO aircraft is simulated to generate faulty...

[hal-01609773] Using ground transportation for aviation system disruption alleviation

Publications ENAC - Lundi, 9 octobre 2017 - 13:40:17
We investigate whether passenger delays and airline costs due to disruptive events affecting European airports could be reduced by a co-ordinated strategy of using alternative flights and ground transportation to help stranded passengers reach their final destination, using Airport Collaborative Decision Making concepts. Optimising for airline cost for hypothetical disruptive events suggests that, for airport closures of up to 10 hours, airlines could benefit from up to a 20% reduction in passenger delay-related costs. Mean passenger delay could be reduced by up to 70%, mainly via a reduction in very long delays.

[hal-01609328] Feasibility pump for aircraft deconfliction with speed regulation

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 6 octobre 2017 - 19:26:52
We propose Feasibility Pump heuristics for the crucial problem of aircraft conflict avoidance arising in air traffic management. This problem can be modeled as a mixed integer nonlinear optimization problem, whose solution can be very computationally demanding. Feasibility Pump is an iterative algorithm that, at each iteration, solves alternatively two easier subproblems represented by relaxations of the original problem, minimizing the distance between their solutions. We propose in this paper specific formulations for the subproblems to be handled, tailored to the problem at hand. Numerical results show that, on the considered test problems, good-quality, in some cases...

[hal-01609739] Simulation of the Noise Induced by Corona Discharges on a Ground VHF Antenna

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 6 octobre 2017 - 19:25:55
A jamming phenomenon has been observed on a ground station working in the VHF aeronautical frequency-band (118–134 MHz). We attest corona discharges are possibly the source of noise by means of on-site measurements. In order to predict the noise level, we propose a model which consists in two parts: an electrostatic simulation to localize the corona discharges, and a simulation in the frequency domain to evaluate the noise at the antenna ports. The agreement between simulation and measurement is good.

[hal-01607719] Une étude sur l'estimation non linéaire basée sur la théorie des observateurs invariants

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 6 octobre 2017 - 19:17:20
L'objet du présent article vise à analyser une solution algorithmique d'estimation non linéaire récemment développée : l'IUKF (Invariant Unscented Kalman Filter). A l'instar des travaux menés il y a quelques années autour de l'IEKF (Invariant Extended Kalman Filter), les gains de correction de cet estimateur, construits pour être invariant, peuvent être obtenus en suivant les étapes de calcul propres au filtrage de type UKF (que celles-ci soient déclinées dans une forme factorisée ou non). Toutefois, l'intégration à la théorie des observateurs invariants d'une procédure de calcul des gains de correction qui suit un schéma algorithmique emprunté au filtrage de Kalman dit...

[hal-01280643] Merging Optimization Method with Multiple Entry Points for Extended Terminal Maneuvering Area

Publications ENAC - Jeudi, 5 octobre 2017 - 19:59:27
.To implement the Continuous Descent Operation (CDO) to the high dentisty flow, Flight-Deck Interval management (FIM) is proposed by some researchers...
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