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[hal-02352437] SID and STAR routes optimization near large airports

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 8 novembre 2019 - 18:08:21
In the current state of Air Traffic Management, procedures design is a difficult task carried out by hand by procedure designers. The current growth of air traffic imposes to find more efficient ways to direct aircraft across the Terminal Maneuvering Area, which connects the en-route sector to the ground, to avoid congestion. In this paper, a solution to automatically design departure and arrival procedures is presented, which takes into account numerous constraints, including obstacles around the airport, limited slopes and turn angles and the necessity to not merge all routes at the same time. A route is represented as a horizontal path in a graph, associated to a cone...


Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 8 novembre 2019 - 02:37:23
The current Air traffic System in Europe relies on airspace and airport capacity estimates computed by the Air National Service Providers (ANSPs) using demand forecast and Air traffic Controllers operations schedules. The Demand Capacity Balancing (DCB) aims at reducing the Air Traffic Management resources held in reserve to cope with demand peaks by providing the system with demand smoothing means. A recent study on the subject suggests introducing a congestion-based route fee that encourages users to avoid crowded slots for a given departure and arrival airport [1]. An optimal equilibrium point can then be reached through a clever choice of penalties incurred by flying...


Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 8 novembre 2019 - 02:24:38
Today, new services, offers, products open a realm of possibilities to the imagination of individuals, leading to profound changes in the way we move. While transport was very often viewed as a constraint, mobility becomes a way of life. In human societies, mobility is increasingly understood in terms of social links' creation, opportunities and synergies rather than pure problem of travelled distance (Amar [1]). The Human mobility becomes individual in the sense where each one conceives his own "mobility cocktail". Changes in individual preferences, behaviors and lifestyles together with innovative Information Communication Technologies (ICT) are likely to...

[hal-02346081] Modeling the long-range wave propagation by a split-step wavelet method

Publications ENAC - Jeudi, 7 novembre 2019 - 18:01:39
A split-step wavelet method for simulating the long-range wave propagation is introduced. It is based on the fast wavelet transform. Compared to the split-step Fourier method, this method improves the computation efficiency while keeping a good accuracy. The propagation is performed iteratively by means of a pre-computed matrix containing the individual propagations of the wavelets. A fast computation method of this matrix is also presented. For the radiowave propagation in the low troposphere, a local image method is proposed to account for an impedance ground. Inhomogeneous atmospheres and irregular grounds are also considered. Finally, numerical tests of long-range...

[hal-02338690] Detecting Controllers' Actions in Past Mode S Data by Autoencoder-Based Anomaly Detection

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 1 novembre 2019 - 02:38:28
The preparation and execution of training simulations for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and pilots requires a significant commitment of operational experts. Such a mobilisation could be alleviated by a decision support tool trained to generate a realistic environment based on historical data. Prior to studying methods able to learn from a dataset of traffic patterns and ATC orders observed in the past, we focus here on the constitution of such a database from a history of trajectories: the difficulty lies in the fact that past flown trajectories are properly regulated, that observed situations may depend on a wide range of potentially unknown factors and that ownership rules...

[hal-02166833] Tackling Uncertainty for the Development of Efficient Decision Support System in Air Traffic Management

Publications ENAC - Lundi, 28 octobre 2019 - 15:53:25
Airport capacity has become a constraint in the air transportation networks, due to the growth of air traffic demand and the lack of resources able to accommodate this demand. This paper presents the algorithmic implementations of a decision support system for making a more efficient use of the airspace and ground capacity. The system would be able to provide support for air traffic controllers in handling large amount of flights while reducing to a minimum the potential conflicts. In this framework, airspace together with ground airport operations are considered. Conflicts are defined as separation minima violation between aircraft for what concerns airspace and runways...

[hal-02311539] A generic framework for modeling airport operations at a macroscopic level,

Publications ENAC - Lundi, 28 octobre 2019 - 11:03:13
In this paper, a general approach for modeling airport operations is presented. Airport operations have been extensively studied in the last decades ranging from airspace, airside and landside operations. Due to the nature of the system, simulation techniques have emerged as a powerful approach for dealing with the variability of these operations. However, in most of the studies, the different elements are studied in an individual fashion. The aim of this paper, is to overcome this limitation by presenting a methodological approach where airport operations are modeled together, such as airspace and airside. The contribution of this approach is that the resolution level...

[hal-02184478] A Dynamic VOR Receiver Model for Estimating the Bearing Error in the Presence of Wind Turbines

Publications ENAC - Vendredi, 25 octobre 2019 - 10:45:41
This work introduces a dynamic VOR receiver model for estimating the bearing error in the presence of wind turbines. The receiver processes time series generated by an electromagnetic simulation tool that takes into account the multipaths. This global model can reproduce the response of a VOR receiver on a realistic aircraft trajectory. The receiver is tested in a dynamic scenario where the multipaths change rapidly with time.

[tel-02329839] Optimization-Simulation implementations for harmonizing operations at big airports

Publications ENAC - Jeudi, 24 octobre 2019 - 18:38:27
The constant growth of air traffic, especially in Europe, is putting pressure on airports, which, in turn, are suffering congestion problems. The airspace surrounding airport, terminal manoeuvring area (TMA), is particularly congested, since it accommodates all the converging traffic to and from airports. Besides airspace, airport ground capacity is also facing congestion problems, as the inefficiencies coming from airspace operations are transferred to airport ground and vice versa. The main consequences of congestion at airport airspace and ground, is given by the amount of delay generated, which is, in turn, transferred to other airports within the network. Congestion...

[hal-02324280] Processed 5G Signals Mathematical Models for Positioning considering a Non-Constant Propagation Channel

Publications ENAC - Mercredi, 23 octobre 2019 - 11:17:42
The objective of this paper is to determine the ranging performance of the upcoming fifth generation (5G) signal. In order to do so, it is required to define 5G correlator outputs mathematical models. 5G systems will use OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) signals; in the literature, mathematical models of OFDM signals are developed at the different receiver signal processing stages. These models assumed that the propagation channel is constant over an OFDM symbol; nevertheless, an in-depth study of QuaDRiGa, a 5G compliant propagation channel simulator, invalidates this hypothesis. Therefore, in this paper, mathematical models are developed that take into...
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