ENAC launches its first MOOC !

Issued on 16 December 2015
MOOC ENAC - Quel avion pour quelle mission
In march 2016, enac will launch its mooc (massive open online course) "what plane for what mission?". Explanations.

What is a MOOC ?

A MOOC is a online training open to all and freely accessible. Course participants, teachers and students, are geographically dispersed and communicate only
through the Internet.

The ENAC MOOC is made of instructional videos, online course materials, quizzes, and interactive activities. ENAC joins in with many prestigious
universities aroud the world that have chosen to share their knowledge with everyone.

This first edition of the ENAC MOOC "What plane for what mission?" is led by Nicolas Pétheil and Jacques Reynal.


The ENAC MOOC "What plane for what mission?"

will air from March 7 to April 17, 2016. It is made for a francophone community of aviation enthusiasts from everywhere (several thousand participants expected for the first session). The objective is to better understand the place the aircraft in the air transport systems and bring participants to design an airplane dedicated to a specific mission through a design tool: Open VSP.

The format will be 1 module a week for 5 weeks (6 for advanced course); instructional videos, mini-reports, web course materials, and individual activities with Open VSP. Each module will be tested with one or more quizzes.

How to register ?

You can register directly on FUN (France Université Numérique) plateform/// (fr.)

See you soon on the ENAC MOOC "Quel Avion pour quelle mission?" !





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