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ENAC is the DGAC University. As such, it is doubtless the only body to be able to deal with topics connected with drones in such a comprehensive and integrated way. The cross-disciplinary research programme works in synergy with ENAC laboratories, but also directly with its courses and educational methods.

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The UAVs Systems R&D programme

Integrating drones into air traffic, developing the air traffic regulations, telecommunications, monitoring systems, implementing flight simulations, and systems engineering and optimisation, amongst others, are all areas of expertise for ENAC, which the programme team relies on. This complimentary nature now allows ENAC to be an R&D leader in drones, recognised throughout the world.

4 main areas of action

1 - Drones systems

The OpenSource Paparazzi project:

  • Automatic pilot
  • Ground control station
  • Ground-On-board communication link

2 - Integration into the air space

  • 4D Navigation
  • Detect&Avoid
  • C2 link
  • Defining operational procedures
  • Emergency procedure studies
  • Simulations for validating new CONOPS

3 - Civil applications

  • Environmental monitoring and risk prevention
  • Inspecting infrastructures
  • Analysing pollution and CO2 measures
  • Atmospheric studies
  • Meteorological applications

4 - Educational programmes

  • The Drones Certificate delivered with the ISAE and the EOAA
  • Professional development: Drones modules
  • The "Drones" minor of the engineering course
  • Creation of a "Drone Systems" research chair

Focus on Paparazzi

Paparazzi is a hardware and software project developed in OpenSource, designed at ENAC in partnership with several laboratories throughout the world.



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