The ENAC–Airbus–Sopra Steria "Drones and UTM" Research and Teaching Chair

Enac Airbus Sopra Steria

Successor of the "Drone Systems" Chair created in 2015, the "ENAC-Airbus-Sopra Steria Drones & UTM Chair", launched in 2023, focusses on topics related to UTM ("Unmanned Aircraft Traffic Management"). In addition to the integration of drones and their new services into existing systems, it aims to address the issue of their social acceptability.

To achieve this, it deals with technical issues such as the ATM/UTM interface, tactical deconfliction and Artificial Intelligence, as well as regulatory issues such as system certification and standardization. Its work is intended to lay the foundations for the effective integration of drones and their public acceptability, which is crucial when considering the use of drones in new urban mobilities.

Its research activities focus on three main areas :

  • ATM/UTM interaction
  • Strategic and tactical deconfliction methods (algorithms and trajectories)
  • Artificial intelligence applied to UTM

The team :

  • One research engineer
  • Two One post-docs (a second is currently being recruited)
  • The ENAC Foundation team 

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Murat Bronz

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