Partnership signed between ENAC and Air France for the training of 72 cadet pilots per year

Issued on 09 October 2018
Signature d’un partenariat entre l’ENAC et Air France
Driven by natural departures and significant growth in Air France, Joon and Transavia capacity, Air France now needs to recruit 250 pilots per year. The company has therefore decided to reopen its cadet pilot programme 8 years after it was suspended.

The first trainee pilots started at ENAC (French Civil Aviation School) this summer with a 8-month theoretical training course at the Toulouse campus. The cadets will then continue for one year of practical flight training at the Montpellier, Carcassonne, Grenoble and St-Yan campuses before joining the Air France group as pilots on Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.

ENAC is the leading pilot training school in Europe, recognized worldwide for its high standards of admissions and the excellence of its training. For 70 years, ENAC has been training pilots for airlines around the world, including 4 of the 10 largest airlines in the world, including Air France.

 "Air France and ENAC have been training the company's future pilots with great expertise for many years. By entrusting its cadets to a school of international stature and a reference in the world of aviation, Air France has chosen the best possible training for its future pilots" said Olivier Dulat, EVP Flight Operations at Air France.

Olivier Chansou, Director of ENAC, commented: "It is a great satisfaction to be Air France's privileged partner in training the next generation of pilots. We share the same values of excellence and performance that underpin our cooperation.

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