ENAC Alumni

ENAC Alumni is the association of all ENAC University’s graduates. It currently gathers worldwide more than 22,000 former students in all ENAC training programs.

Updating the data base of school graduates and providing the ENAC with all the information and key figures regarding alumni’s career throughout their professional life are the association’s main tasks. This available and reliable information helps, on the one hand, expand the ENAC University’s and graduates’ influence within present aeronautical private and public companies and, on the other hand, promote the ENAC course offers to the young student generations.

Job and Career

Providing support to our graduates throughout their professional life is one of our main concerns. Wishing to work as a civil servant or to be employed in a private company? We aim at offering you all the possible help for your employability. A job-platform for private job seekers, professional training schemes, thematic conferences…, with our partners we make every effort to accompany our members upon each step of their career: job research, skill reinforcement, job transition, etc.

Professional Network

You are looking for a former classmate, for contact details of an industrialist, for an expert or someone with a specific profile for a punctual mission? With ENAC Alumni, you have all the tools to link up with other members. From the paper/online yearbook to the association website or mobile app or to “business solution” providers, we offer our members a broad range of solutions to their professional or/and personal needs.

Developing Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ENAC Alumni seeks to develop entrepreneurship and innovation, via business creation contests, or via shared, collaborative or specific support.

Moreover, a “Business Club” created and animated by the association enhances the development of any professional activity or idea formulated by our engineers.


The association of graduates organizes various events which encourage human contact and meeting. They can be professional events and are sometimes organized during major aeronautical fairs or exhibitions, such as the Bourget Paris Air Show (SIAE) or Airexpo, Muret. We also offer theme evenings, conferences, debates (after work parties, etc.)

By and for Alumni

ENAC Alumni is managed and animated by former ENAC students. We bring together all graduates, provide them with useful and efficient services and support our school development. We are open to all your questions, comments and suggestions and we are available to any exchange with you, if you have any project or if you want to join the team.

Location: ENAC Toulouse Campus - G028 Office (Guillaumet Building)

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