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ENAC Alumni is the association of the alumni of Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (National University of Civil Aviation). It brings together over 28,000 members worldwide.

Promoting ENAC

Among its missions, ENAC Alumni maintains the database of all ENAC graduates. Also, it provides ENAC with important statistics and other key indicators on the career paths followed by the alumni. These data contribute to the visibility of the university and its alumni towards employers of the public and private sectors, as well as promotes ENAC programs to prospective students.

Career and professinal development

Providing support to our members throughout their professional life is one of our key missions. Our services and tools aim to facilitate access to new career opportunities and career development for both members of the private sector and civil servants. They include job posting, long- and short-term coaching, HR webinars, thematic conferences, training sessions, etc. With our partners, we have developed a broad set of activities and programs that target the different phases of the professional life: job search, professional development, career transition, etc. 

A global professional network

Whether you’re looking for a classmate, a point of contact with an institution or a potential business partner, a subject matter expert, or a specific profile for a one-off assignment, the association provides tools for networking and communication between its members. We offer our members a wide range of solutions. Also, we are developing groups between alumni of the same company or institution in order to further develop our network, bring together our members, and develop networking opportunities wherever our alumni are.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

The association encourage entrepreneurship and promote creative thinking through competitions and targeted support. The creation of a Business Angels team aims to help our members develop their activities and succeed in their new business and innovation projects.

Advancing sustainable aviation worldwide

ENAC Alumni contributes to the advancement of sustainable aviation worldwide. Our think tanks conduct research activities and thought leadership forums. In collaboration with our local chapters, they hold strategic and technical events where decision makers and experts can discuss and address local challenges. They also develop initiatives to educate the next generation of aviation leaders about emerging issues. They publish white papers and reports to share their findings and recommendations with the broader aviation community.

Meetings points all over the world

ENAC Alumni organizes both professional and festive events. Our association participates in large aviation events such as the Paris Air Show. ENAC Alumni’ State of the Air has become a major conference that is held every year in Paris. All year long, thematic events, technical presentations, class anniversaries, and other meetings are convened around the world.

Our members meet together within local chapters in the various parts of the world. ENAC Alumni has over 50 chapters providing global coverage, making it a global and local association at the same time. These groups have developed original initiatives to foster friendship between the alumni. Also, they conduct technical activities and roundtables, as well as engage with local leaders, to contribute to the advancement of civil aviation in their country or region.

An association by the alumni and for the alumni

ENAC Alumni is an association led and managed by its own members. Our primary purpose is to serve the broader alumni community, including members of the general public sharing our goals and interested in contributing to our programs and activities. Our priority is to bring together our community all around the world, to provide them with useful and efficient services, and to support the development of ENAC, our university. If you wish to get involved with ENAC Alumni, please visit our website and contact the association at contact@alumni.enac.fr.

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