Digital campus

ENAC has developed digital training. Discover all our digital training offers.

E-CAMPUS: ENAC's online educational platform

E-Campus is our e-learning and digital resources platform. You will find class areas containing digital resources (files, videos, links, etc.) and activities (such as forums, tests, wikis, etc.).

Accessing E-Campus

Click on "Connexion" at the top right of E-Campus home page ///

You can access some open content on E-Campus as a registered user or anonymous guest.

If you encounter a problem or for any request for information, please do not hesitate to contact us ///

MOOC: a new open educational platform

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is online training open to all, with free access and no prerequisites needed.

The teachers and students participating in  lessons, are from all geographic locations and communicate only via Internet. The main media used for ENAC MOOC are educational videos, online lesson supports, quizzes and interactive activities.

In 2016, ENAC launched its first MOOC "Which plane for which mission?" /// on FUN - "France Université Numérique".


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