Contributing to innovations for air operations in general and commercial aviation while taking into account flight safety, environmental needs and the cost/effective relationship.

This transverse research program contributes to the innovations made available through new technologies and is applicable to the air operations carried out in General Aviation (planes and helicopters) and Commercial Aviation (helicopters). These innovations are accomplished while taking into account flight safety, environmental demands, and the search for the best cost/effective ratio.

Applications and projects

  • How to improve the effectiveness and flight safety for a General Aviation flight through better data sharing, both ground-to-ground and groundto-cockpit. (SESAR TOPLINK project with Thalès, DSNA-SIA, Météo France, ATMOSPHERE)   
  • Methods for designing inter-operability between plane traffic flow and helicopter traffic flow. (SESAR P04-10 project on the application of i4D to helicopters, with Airbus Helicopters, Thalès)
  • Helicopter flight safety: How can we benefit from the lessons learned from planes? (with the DGAC and HeliOffshore)
  • Choosing criteria for the optimisation of helicopter trajectories with the least noise. (with the STAC, Airbus Helicopters, Eurocontrol)


Etienne Ceretto

Présentation de l'ENAC



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