Aviation Safety and Security

Improving air transport safety through a multi-agent holistic approach.

The objective of the program is to improve safety (the integrity of people, the environment, and property). The program adopts a holistic approach, both in the sense that it addresses all of the aspects that contribute to safety, notably the technical, human, and organisational aspects, but also in the sense that it considers the air transport system itself in its entirety, in other words, not only the different stakeholders (airlines, ATC, airports, manufacturers, training organisations, maintenance organisations, the authorities), but also their interactions.

Applications and projects

  • A systemic approach to safety; thinking about safety as one of the stakes and organization has to manage, and in all of its dimensions, especially technical, human, and organisational
  • The use of data for safety; analysing data, especially text and unstructured data, in order to derive safety relevant insights
  • Safety and Security: understanding the tensions and the complimentary aspects between the two in order to construct synergy


Programme Sécurité Aérienne
Corinne Bieder

Présentation de l'ENAC



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