Grants for ENAC students

Emile Heuraux Grant

This flat-rate grant for a long placement is provided by ENAC. It is of  €1300 and is granted just once per course for IENAC (ENAC Engineer course) only.
Attribution conditions are defined by the Board’s consultations and internal regulations.
For regular students,study abroad periods, double degrees and placements abroad are eligible if their duration is of at least 3 months.
For civil servants, replacement terms or years and dual-degrees abroad are also eligible if their duration exceeds 3 months. Placements abroad are subject to internal rules, notably concerning ENAC travel policy.

Erasmus+ Program

ENAC receives a subsidy for student and teacher placements from the National Erasmus + Agency. This subsidy is redistributed to IENAC students completing placements in Erasmus partner institutions and to IENAC, Masters and Specialized Masters students for internships in companies and laboratories undertaken in Europe (Erasmus+ project participating countries). The monthly amounts for these grants are determined annually by the Board. They depend on the country in question and the type of placement.

Mobility grants from the Occitanie Regional Council

Among other awards, the Regional Council offers several incentives for placements which concern  ENAC students:

  • Study and placement grants: for students holding grants on social criteria, this type of assistance is not cumulative with Erasmus+ assistance
  • Pegasus Cheque: This incentive was created to encourage cooperation in the aeronautical area and is accessible to any IENAC student in study placements in a partner institution of the Pegasus network. It is of a value of €600  and is not subject to social criteria
  • Eurocampus Cheque: for students performing a placement in the Catalonia region or the Balearic Islands

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Grants from ENAC Foundation

ENAC Foundation awards grants each year, mostly for students admitted in a dual-degree program, but also for certain exchanges or placements abroad, depending on donations received by individual sponsors or companies. In 2015, ENAC Fellowship Fund organized the first ceremony which allowed 4 students to receive grants. In 2016, 7 grants should have been awarded.

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Other aid

The list of assistance which our students can claim is not comprehensive. Applications for other aid from foundations, or other public, semi-public or private bodies should be applied for directly by students. ENAC provides them with all possible support.

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Co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union



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