Sustainable Development

Educational action

Sustainable development is an integral part of our principal educational areas:

  • Piloting: fuel saving, noise reduction procedures, etc...
  • ATM: shortening flight paths, consideration of noise pollution...
  • Engineering: Reworking of IENAC (ENAC engineer) curriculum with classes on sustainable development.
  • Research: Door to door air transport journeys;
  • Eco-impact of liberalization of air transport

Institutional structure

The model administration plan from the French state focuses on 5 key topics :

1 - General steering
Steering of model administration plan (PAE)
Completion of high level inquiries (carbon audit, CGE, etc.)
Internal and external communication

2 - Implementing a sustainable procurement policy
Defining a procurement policy taking environmental issues into account
Inserting sustainable development clauses into contracts
Encouraging employment of disabled people
Introduction of organic produce in canteen and short supply chains

3 - Reducing energy and fluid consumption

Monitoring energy consumption
Taking actions to reduce consumption, turning off electronic equipment in classrooms in evening
Renovating premises to save energy: biomass boiler

4 - Controlling transport (reducing greenhouse gases)
Implementation of transport policy, "Campus Vert" (Green Campus) and "Allons-y A Velo" (Let's go by bike) initiatives, carpooling, electric vehicles and terminals for staff
Creation of sustainable development plan for aircraft fleet
Creation of corporate transport plan

5 - Managing waste
Everyday and specific waste management and reduction


Responsable Sociétal ENAC
Sophie Coppin

Présentation de l'ENAC



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