Drones & UTM Chair

Designing and producing micro-drones with optimised performance, integrating drones into air traffic, planning trajectories and missions.

The activities of the Drone Systems research program are centred on the modelisation, conception and production of micro-drones (identification of aerodynamic models, mission oriented performance optimisation, on-board systems), the control of the fleet, trajectory planning, improvement of drone endurance, their robustness (failures, stalls, resilience), their control during flight (adaptive, robust, non-linear, and multi-objective control) as well as the fusion of multiple sensors.

The program also addresses the problems of integrating drones into air traffic through the ENAC–Airbus–Sopra Steria "Drones and UTM" Research and Teaching Chair

Applications and projects

  • Use of micro-drones and GNSS reflectometry to produce a map of the humidity of agricultural land surfaces - Info : mistrale.eu
  • Atmospheric research: cloud exploration by drone fleets in order to understand the mechanisms of cloud formation
  • SESAR2020 ERC and IR: surveillance to allow for the setup of U-space (fusion of collaborative and non-collaborative data), contribution to the integration of drones in IFR
  • Research on drone systems by means of the Paparazzi project Research program manager. Paparazzi is a hardware and software project developed in OpenSource, designed at ENAC in partnership with several laboratories throughout the world - Info: paparazzi.enac.fr


UAVs Systems programme

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