ENAC-AIRBUS Safety Management Research Chair

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Created in 2018 and renewed in 2023, the ENAC-Airbus "Safety Management" Chair aims to tackle the new safety issues raised by the changes in the global aeronautical landscape and by the digitization of a sector undergoing rapid transformation.


Conducted in close collaboration with Airbus Safety teams, the work of this Chair is structured around three complementary axes :

Safety information extraction

Based on the work of the first version of the Chair on automatic language processing, this area will explore information extraction techniques, their performance and their relevance to safety management. The aim is to test promising recent techniques, evaluate, adapt and combine them, with a view to proposing scientifically advanced approaches that are useful from a safety management point of view, and can be used in an industrial context, and to identify the limits of such approaches in this context.

Representativeness of safety report samples

The aim is to use statistical approaches to analyze the representativeness of the sample of spontaneous safety event reports in relation to the entire fleet in service, in order to understand the limits of the information provided by this corpus of data. The ultimate challenge would be to find methods for qualifying the safety problems that emerge from event reports, in order to adapt safety management strategies accordingly.

Safety impact of safety management auditability

In the current governance scheme for aeronautical safety, the supervisory authorities' monitoring of the safety management approaches implemented by aeronautical organizations is based on audits. This is particularly true of the Safety Management System (SMS). In this context, we note that SMS as practiced by aeronautical organizations varies considerably from one structure to another, ranging from a simple "compliance" approach to a real in-depth reflection on organizational practices. These different approaches, "validated" by audits, do not have the same practical impact on safety. This section will explore the extent to which making a safety approach such as SMS auditable, or as the authorities envisage in the short term, a safety culture, affects the impact of this approach on safety.

The team :

  • One research engineer
  • Three post-docs

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Research engineer and holder of the Chair
Corinne Bieder - Chairholder

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