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Publié le 16 July 2018

On 9 and 10 October 2018, the International Symposium Remote Tower will be held at ENAC, bringing together the leading experts in the field. This event is intended for all stakeholders potentially impacted, from ATCO/AFISO to ATSEP, R&D activities, NSA activities, Airport industry etc…

Since the beginning of the journey in 2006 in Sweden, the Remote Tower concept has evolved into many different forms. From offering contingency solutions to combining several airports in one CWP (Controller working position), the spectrum of activities enabled by this concept is extremely wide. Just like there was a before and after Radar, there is a before and after remote tower in the ATM activities.

The ENAC Digital and Remote Tower symposium will be a unique opportunity for participants to learn and update their knowledge on this topic. It will also give the possibility to share experience and meet already involved actors in this digital transformation of control towers. Finally, it will be the occasion to visit the ENAC Remote Tower research platform.

So, no more hesitation, join us the 9th and 10th of October 2018 at ENAC Toulouse !


A- Digitalising Europe’s aviation infrastructure
Speaker: Benoit Fonck (SESAR JU / chief development & delivery) 
Overview:  As technological pillar of the Single Europe Sky, SESAR is acting now by defining, developing and deploying what is needed to modernise the air traffic management, support the digital transformation of Europe’s aviation infrastructure, and in particular fully integrate airport operations into the network and achieve high-performing airport operations.
B- The Remote tower long journey and experience 
Speaker: Per Ah (Saab DATS)
Overview: Saab have been one of the Remote TWR pioneers since the start in 2006. The world’s first approved airport was in Sweden, 2015, and now two more is in operation, since then more then 20 000 operational hours have been logged. The presentation will give you an insight of the experiences gained over the years, both on the technical side as well operationally, but as well look into the next generation of Digital TWR services that is around the corner. 
C- SESAR: Delivering digital remote tower solutions
Speaker: Olivier Mongénie (SESAR)
Overview: From the delivery of the first remote tower solution in 2014 to the ongoing research and innovation activities on multiple remote tower, SESAR has been leading remote tower R&D since the Programme’s inception. This presentation will introduce all the SESAR remote tower solutions already delivered and in the pipeline.
D- Augmenting Tower Control - Research perspectives in Virtual Tower environment 
Speaker: Railane Benhacène  (ENAC R&D lab)
Overview: Controlling an airport via cameras and screen displays is a novel and disruptive concept which is rich of opportunities but also questions and concerns. In any case, there is ample room for research and exploration on the possibilities offered by this new context of operation. ENAC research has chosen to explore this area with the human-factors' perspective, to bring in the experience acquired on human-machine interaction in ATC over the last years. This is the occasion to invent and evaluate new interactions and cognitive mechanisms that can be observed or invented in such a context.  The setting of a research platform on the nearby Muret airfield will also be described and discussed.
E- Digital Advanced Towers @ DSNA 
Speaker: Antoine Martin (DSNA, France)
Overview:  DSNA implements Remote Tower solutions as they can deliver benefits to customers and local stakeholders. This technique addresses a wide range of ATM issues for a great variety of airports. Following Paris-Orly and Miquelon airports, more usages are considered by DSNA for implementation.
F- Budapest Remote TWR Case Study
Speaker: Csba Gergely (HungaroControl)
Overview: This is an overview of HungaroControl’s remote TWR project. Demonstrating origins, project flow, major milestones, results. The specialty of our installation is that the location is a dual runway, complex layout airport with two terminals, which differs very much from any other installation of this area.
G- Building a regulatory framework for ‘remote aerodrome ATS’
Speaker: Mattias Abel(EASA)
Overview: Presentation of the EASA rulemaking activities related to ‘remote aerodrome ATS’; history/background, scope and objectives, regulatory approach, existing and planned EASA material/provisions, related regulatory/standardisation activities (ICAO & EUROCAE).
H- Creating a digital tower ecosystem 
Speaker: Ginette Bebeung (Searidge)
Overview: At some of the world’s busiest airports, a digital revolution is happening.  This digital ecosystem brings together technology, knowledge and experience to create an environment optimized for successful Digital Tower deployments.  
I- How an authority see the change?
Speaker: Romain Buffry (STAC - French Technical Authority)
 Overview: An aviation authority represents passenger’s interests. First, it should request information to be sure that the change is as safe as declared. It should also put the change in a trend with potential benefits and shortcoming in the long term.
J-  Human dimension in Remote tower
Speaker: Rolf Zon (Netherlands Aerospace Centre - NLR) 
Overview: Rolf Zon is a Human Effectiveness specialist at the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). The relationship between human operator and his / her working environment has Rolf’s interest for many years. The controller working position in the remote tower is exemplary for a new and complex working environment with many human factors related issues to pay attention to. In his presentation Rolf will discuss some those issues in more detail.



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