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Developing mathematical models and algorithms to optimise performances and guarantee air transport safety.

The Optim team is involved with upstream optimisation research and with the modelisation and resolution of novel optimisation problems emanating mainly from aeronautics. The algorithms developed by the Optim team integrate professional knowledge and utilise a large diversity of structures, models and mathematical methods. Modern computing techniques are mobilised to solve examples of problems on a very large scale.

Field of research

The goal of the Optim team is, on one hand, the resolution of problems in the aeronautical world through the use of techniques which rely on optimisation, machine learning or optimal control, and on the other hand, carrying out fundamental research which can help to supply useful basic theories for resolving the aforementioned problems.

The members of the team are very knowledgeable in mathematical modelisation of combined, continued, and mixed optimisation problems. The approaches mastered by the team include methods of deterministic global optimization, stochastic optimization, metaheuristics for large scale problems and their hybridisation, machine learning, constraint programming, and the development of tools for decision making. Optimisation in function spaces is a specialty of the team.

Applications and projects

  • One of the team’s principle domains of application is that of aircraft trajectories. For example: oceanic or continental planning, the planning for a fleet of drones, prediction and avoidance of in-air conflicts...
  • Another of the team’s special domains of application is the analysis of the structure of airspace and of its complexity, while including approach procedures, air routes, and air sectors. 
  • The Optim team also works on air operations, be it from the point of view of airports, airline companies, air traffic control, manufacturers, or passengers. 
  • The upstream research of the team has led to the resolution of practical problems in other domains of application such as the medical field (early detection of multiple sclerosis from retinal images), signal processing (reconstruction of astronomical signals), social networks (classification), transport (road, rail and maritime traffic), and satellites (planning of imaging).

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