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At the forefront of educational innovation

Professionals trained at ENAC are responsible for flight safety and strive to create air transport that is ever more efficient and sustainable. We are therefore responsible for offering excellent training, in accordance with the demands of our mandates. Being at the cutting-edge of educational innovation is therefore fundamental.

The three main principles which form the basis of education at ENAC:

At the forefront of educational innovation

We constantly seek consistency between the objectives, teaching activities and the assessment of learning, and we ensure this consistency is perceived by our learners.

Diversity in methods and learning activities

Reports, flipped classrooms, group work, case studies, learning through problem solving or projects, simulations and placements are all opportunities to engage students and trainees in their learning, by confronting them with concrete and operational situations. This diversity can also increase their motivation as well as that of teachers and avoid “educational routine".
Finally, it allows for consideration learner diversity (cultures, initial training, etc.).

Educational innovation via experimentation

In order to avoid passing trends, ENAC carefully experiments with each educational innovation before integrating them into our educational programs. The school also encourages educational initiatives from teachers who are developing teaching practices in their discipline, starting from the consideration that educational innovation can also come from inside the school.

Education at ENAC is an education open to all, with the desire to allow all our students and trainees to succeed. For example, there is no selection during training. Our close historical links with the major players of aeronautics (companies, institutions, etc.) offer ENAC a tradition of proximity to major aeronautical industry challenges, allowing us to be aware of of its developments and constantly enhance our educational content.

This constant evolution also includes continuous professional training, offered to all our teachers or instructors.


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