Air traffic Management


ENAC trains many students intending to work in air traffic control activities. Students who will become operators of control systems are trained as ICNA (Air traffic control engineers) or TSEEAC (Senior Technicians of Civil Aviation Studies and Operation). Others, the IESSA (Electronic Engineers of Aviation Safety Systems), will be in charge of the development and maintenance of all aviation safety systems. The programs provided by ENAC in this area correspond to these specialized skills and are designed for students from French, European and worldwide civil aviation.

In 2014, no other specialized European air traffic training program reached the degree of excellence attained by that of ENAC, based on high level selective recruitment and a very comprehensive curriculum, covering all related areas and granting the degrees an unrivalled versatility.

Research - Development

The demands of air traffic control professions require the constant development of cutting-edge tools for innovation, ensuring the continuous improvement of flight safety. Therefore, ENAC uses and develops new technologies which allow for the optimization of decision making.  Air traffic control professions are provided with tools that are ever more adapted to their activities.


Our initial training

MCTA - Management and Air Traffic Control ///

ISESA - Aviation Safety Electronic Systems Engineering ///

TSEEAC - Senior Technicians of Civil Aviation Studies and Operation

TSA - Senior Aviation Technician ///

Our professional / international training

Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) ///

Air Traffic Controller (ATCo) ///

Completing your training


    Aerodrome ADV-ADI Rating

    Approach APP/APS Rating

En-Route ACP/ACS Rating

Our research programs

Aviation safety research program ///


ENAC training presentation



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