Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel

Training in line with ICAO recommendations

ATSEP training at ENAC complies with ICAO SARPS and meets the written recommendations in 7192 E-2 ATSEP Training Manual. ENAC, through its expertise in three fields (Pilots, ATCO and ATSEP) is one of the main contributors to New Generation Aviation Personnel managed by ICAO.


Training compliant with Specification for ATSEP Common Core Content initial Training.

Each part of initial training complies with “Specification for ATSEP Common Core Content Initial Training” Annex 1 to 7.

Basic and Qualification Training are available in a common approach but may also be tailored to specific needs. ENAC makes extensive use of its labs allowing students and trainees to observe and practice on real equipment, simulators or dedicated tools and software.

Modularity, Adaptability, Professional orientation

In ATCO and ATSEP training, a significant proportion of ENAC Instructors come from operational units. Experience and professional knowledge allow them to illustrate their training with anecdotes and hands-on skills. Training can be also adapted to specific needs, international environment and/or student culture.

ATSEP Environment & Engineering Training Offer

Basic Training

Compliant with Specification for ATSEP Common Core Content Initial Training Annex 1. Our 4-week Basic training lectures provide fundamental and general knowledge allowing future ATSEP to understand ATM principles involved in ANSP.

Qualification Training

Compliant with Specification for ATSEP Common Core Content Initial Training Annex 2 to 7. 16 streams and common topic are delivered in discrete modules. Tailor-made training program allows profiling of ATSEP according to specific needs. Each module gives more detailed knowledge and skills on generic CNS-ATM systems and/or equipment allowing trainees to follow rating training on brand devices installed in centres.
In addition to lectures, ENAC provides a large range of equipment, simulators and expert tools for practice within the learning process.

System / Equipment Rating Training

Based on current systems and equipment from Thales, Parkair, Sagem, Telerad… and other companies.  A set of 1-week modules allows certified ATSEP to undertake any task such as: calibration, preventive maintenance, curative maintenance, update and upgrades…
A certificate is delivered after formal assessment based on professional objectives.

ATSEP Training Dedicated Modules

Qualification Training

Technical domains are available in French and English.

  • Communication : Voice Communication, Data-Communication
  • Navigation : ILS, VOR, DME, VDF
  • Surveillance : PSR, MSSR & Mode S, MLAT & ASMGCS
  • Data-Processing: FDPS, SDPS, HMI, Safety nets
  • SMC / Human factors
  • Safety

System/Equipment Rating Training

Several additional training programs are currently available in French. However these may be delivered in English on request.

  • ILS: THALES 420, Normark 700 A/B
  • VOR: THALES 540 C, 540 D, 431 C.
  • DME : THALES 415 et 435, FSD 40, DME 740, Indra
  • MSSR & Mode S: RSM 970, S (Ciriu)
  • Voice Communication: TELERAD Series 900/9000

Entry requirements

A minimum of 2 years graduate education specialized in electronics, computer science and/or networks is required according to Qualification Training stream(s).

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ATSEP Training Manager
Philippe Brochet

Présentation de l'ENAC



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