ENAC joins The Groupe ISAE as an associate University!

Publié le 09 February 2022
ENAC et groupe ISAE

ENAC joins the ISAE Group as an associate member. The group brings together ISAE Supaero, ISAE-ENSMA, ISAE-SUPMECA, ESTACA, and the "École de l'air et de l'espace".

With its global knowledge of the "air transport" ecosystem, our University is joining the ISAE Group to better meet the challenges of transformation in the aviation and higher education sectors.

For many years, ENAC has maintained and developed strong links with the SAE Group, particularly in the areas of training (joint advanced masters, involvement in the Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering set up within the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin, co-accreditation in the "Aeronautics and Space" master's degree) and research (through the tripartite research federation ISAE-SUPAERO, ENAC and ONERA in the field of "design, certification and operations of future aerospace systems" and within the TSAE University Research School (EUR)).

"We know each other better and better, and we have strong complementarities with the Groupe ISAE’s schools, which promises numerous synergies to be developed within the Groupe ISAE. In the end, membership is a logical next step in this process of rapprochement, and one that is eagerly awaited by the French aeronautics industry. In addition to the research and training projects that already link us, we believe that the current transformations in the aviation sector and in higher education, and in particular the crucial issue of sustainable development, require a joint response," said Olivier Chansou, Director General of our Unuversity.

"We are very pleased to welcome ENAC to the Groupe ISAE. It is a school entirely dedicated to the aeronautical sector, which is developing very strong links with industrial and institutional players that complement those of the Groupe ISAE, and enjoys excellent international recognition. The school has a natural place within the Group," adds Olivier Lesbre, President of the ISAE Group and Director General of ISAE-SUPAERO.


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