Meet Marco Bovolin, alumni of the ASAA Advanced Master

Publié le 26 March 2024
Marco Bolovin ENAC ISAE

Marco Bovolin, alumni of the ASAA Advanced Master and Master IATOM (International Air Transport Operations Management), currently employed as a UAS/VTOL Project Certification Manager at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), tells us about his career path, and the main assets of the Advanced Master program.

His background

Currently employed as a UAS/VTOL Project Certification Manager at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne, Germany.

  • 2021 – Aviation Safety Advanced Master: Aircraft Airworthiness, ISAE-SUPAERO / ENAC / Ecole de l’Air et de l’Espace
  • 2021 - M.Sc International Air Transport Operations Management, ENAC, Toulouse
  • 2019 - B.Sc Aerospace Engineering, University of Naples

Why did you chose the ASAA Advanced Master?

I discovered the field of airworthiness during my Bachelor. The idea of working every day to ensure the safety of passengers and overflown people by assessing the interactions of aircraft complex systems was very appealing to me. Additionally, airworthiness has the advantage of being multifaceted. It requires technical knowledge of systems and testing methods, as well as awareness of safety rules and standards. It may be applied in detail on a specific system, or it may be applied to the overall aircraft or to an organization. Airworthiness covers design, production and maintenance of aircraft and more extensively the continuing airworthiness of the fleet, like the assessment and management of in service occurrences. To me, this field is an excellent opportunity to learn and explore many aspects of the aviation industry. Eventually, all the novel technologies which are being implemented like electric, hydrogen or hybrid propulsion, or the new services with unmanned aircraft and eVTOL aerial taxis must be certified by the authorities to enter into service. Industry and authorities alike are actively looking for valid Certification engineers!

What did the advanced master brought you? What are the main assets of the program?

The Advanced Master offers the most extensive overview of aircraft airworthiness one may expect from such a course. I have learnt about the airworthiness certification of many subjects, from structures to system safety, from flight performances to propulsion and powerplant systems. This knowledge proved to be extremely valuable in my professional career. During the courses I had the chance to create my airworthiness professional network by meeting many engineers coming from six continents. From subject matter experts to civil aviation authority inspectors, the share of experience was added value.

How is student life in Toulouse? On campus?

I had great times in ENAC and ISAE-SUPAERO! The campus common areas and the many social clubs offer the opportunity to meet people from every corner of the world and to foster one’s interest in aerospace. Toulouse is the right size to offer enough cultural events while not being too large and dispersive. The unique cultural and industrial blend is a truly inspiring and fertile ground for any aerospace enthusiast. Toulouse is also strategically located for many free time activities: with my fellow classmates I could ski or hike in the Pyrenees, surf on the Ocean and swim in the Mediterranean during the weekends (everything only 2 hours away!) The town also has a vibrant student community and a lively nightlife.

What is yout job today?

Today I am working for the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne, Germany, as a VTOL Project Certification Manager and I mainly focus on drones. Our core mission is to ensure that drones respect the design standards and are safe to operate in their environment. My role is to coordinate the certification subject matter experts team (Flight performances, Structures, Electrics, etc.) and ensure that all aspects of airworthiness certification are covered. In my job I get the chance to oversee many different projects from several companies, each with a different objective and employing different technologies. Additionally, I contribute to the definition of the rules that apply in the EU as well as their guidance or interpretative material, while keeping into the account the need for worldwide rules harmonization (with ICAO, FAA, TCCA, ANAC, CAAC, etc.). Supporting the industry and shaping a safe operating framework for aerial services to the EU citizens is truly rewarding!



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