Velis Electro, world-first certified electric aircraft

Publié le 14 June 2021

Signature on May 31, 2021 of an agreement between ENAC and the FFA for the experimentation of the use of the Velis Electro in the context of ENAC pilot training.

The world-first certified electric aircraft arrived at Muret ENAC training center the first of June for instructors’training. It will be followed by a second electric aircraft which will be delivered to Carcassonne ENAC training center this summer. The first ab initio trainees will start their flights on those new aircraft in September.

This experiment/trial is a part of ENAC's desire to support the ecological transition of air transport and to reduce the carbon footprint and noise nuisance on all its pilot training.

Thierry de Basquiat, Head of ENAC Flight School confirms: "We are really pleased to extend our historical partnership with the FFA on this new feature that is the electric aircraft. The arrival of this type of aircraft offers real opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint for flight practical training. This experiment/trial, which will be conducted until the end of 2021, will enable ENAC, from 2022, to progressively integrate the electric aircraft into its training programs and to deploy it to all of its clients”

Jean-Luc Charron, President of the FFA, adds "Electricity is no longer a project but a reality in aviation area (...) in a few years, other electric aircraft projects could be developed with fuel cells or electric turbines that will generate electricity without the need for a large battery.”


ENAC training presentation



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