Advanced Master® in Air Navigation Management - Graduation ceremony

Enac is proud to have successfully contributed to the graduation of 39 professionals from the Brazilian civil aviation authorities and congratulates them.

The closing ceremony was illustrated by the intervention of Mr. Ronei Saggioro Glanzmann, National Secretary of Brazilian Civil Aviation, Mr. Olivier Fontan from the French Embassy in Brazil and Mr. Nicolas Cazalis, Enac vice president.

ENAC signs the Grenoble agreement resulting from the student COP2!

It offers recommendations on the issues of social responsibility and the socio-ecological transition of higher education institutions.

This agreement sets several objectives :

-    for the establishment of training courses on ecological issues,
-    the structuring of research,
-    actions aimed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,
-    measures to guarantee a human and social policy.

Velis Electro, world-first certified electric aircraft

Signature on May 31, 2021 of an agreement between ENAC and the FFA for the experimentation of the use of the Velis Electro in the context of ENAC pilot training.

The world-first certified electric aircraft arrived at Muret ENAC training center the first of June for instructors’training. It will be followed by a second electric aircraft which will be delivered to Carcassonne ENAC training center this summer. The first ab initio trainees will start their flights on those new aircraft in September.

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