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Physical activities and sport are an integral part of ENAC student life and training. They contribute to the student’s sense of well-being by the development of motor, methodological and social skills. ENAC offers a rich and varied selection of sports activities, through a range of associations managed by school services and by students.

Sports Office (Bureau des Sports - BDS)

The Sports Office is a teaching service run by ENAC physical eduction and sports teachers which organizes all sports activities and in particular :

  •  Compulsory sports lessons
  •  Training sessions and university competitions in partnership with the French Federation of University Sport (FFSU) via ASENAC

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L’Association sportive ENAC (ASENAC)

ASENAC is a sports association affiliated to the FFSU which administers the competitive aspects of university sport.

No fewer than 10 sports activities are offered on the ENAC campus : rugby, football, handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, roller hockey, climbing, rowing  and Chinese boxing Sanda.

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Certain groups of students have created thier own sports associations to create links between different student year groups. This is the case for XV ENAC (Pink Floyd and Pinkies).

Other sports events

The Sports Office organizes several sports events during the year to share common values which are important to the school.

  • Ski outing
  • Inter year group tournament which allows students to take on staff members to elect the best year group in sports
  • ENAC Olympic games. Organization of an internal sports tournament for all ENAC students during the month of July. Contact : Odélie GALINE (ICNA/15A) ///

Other larger sports events

EAG - European Aerostudent Game

Every year, the EAG is a sports tournament bringing together more than 1,200 students from the leading European aeronautical schools in the PEGASUS group, including ENAC, Supaéro, ENSMA, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, TU Cranfield and many others. These aeronautics students meet up to take part in 20 individual and team sports, to share the common values of sport and Olympism.
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The Nationals
The DGAC (UNASACEM) organizes a national tournament which brings together DGAC members and ENAC students in different sports : rugby, basketball ….

The Garona Cup
A university rowing competition organized on the Garonne which opposes the major Toulouse universities.

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ENAC Sport Office
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