Advanced Master in Airport Management

This Advanced Master® is a one-year postgraduate programme that includes theoretical courses, individual research work in a company, and the realisation of a professional thesis.


Content and objectives

Advanced Master in Airport Management aims at training specialists for airports, emphasizing on conception, design and operations, regulatory and economic environment, safety and security contents, environmental issues, quality of service and financial and strategic management of airports.

The “Advanced Master” Airport Management was set up in 1988 by ENAC in response to requests from professionals in this field. Airports throughout the world have faced major changes in the past years: The liberalisation of air transport, the opening up of ground handling to competition, the wide range of activities involved in airport operations, the increasing issues of security and environmental impact, and the competition between different airports. All those changes call for new highly skilled managers to run and develop airport throughout the world.

Professional prospects and career opportunities

Training given through the “Advanced Master” in Airport Management prepares students to hold the full range of positions of responsibility within airport management: operations, marketing, management, finance, human resources...


Duration of course: October to September

1st semester

16 modules of 1 or 2 weeks each (October to March)

  • Aircraft and Air Transport System
  • International and European Air Transport law
  • Air Transport Economics
  • Air Transport Security
  • Sustainable development of air transport
  • Airport Design and Operation – Master Plan
  • Airport Certification and Safety
  • Passengers terminals
  • Developing Extra Aeronautical Activities
  • Human Resources and Team management
  • Airport Financial Management
  • Airport operation and quality of service
  • Airport Crisis Management
  • Ground Handling
  • Airport strategy
  • Project management

2nd semester
(April to September)

Students have to conduct a professional thesis in a professional environment or in laboratory, either in France or abroad and supervised by a tutor from the host organisation and by a professor from ENAC. The thesis is concluded by the preparation of a report and an oral presentation in front of combined jury.

Applicants for an “Advanced Master” program must have a master’s degree in science or in engineering or management according to selected program, or a Bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years of professional experience.




Selection and admission made by admission committees organized from January to July.


Postgraduate Studies Business Manager :
Michel Chauvin :
+33 (0)5 62 17 46 71

Course director:
Nicolas Lamballe :


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