Grants for international students

At the present time, ENAC does not provide study grants for international students admitted to its programs. The cost of studies depends on whether you are an EU national or a non-EU national.

Grants for international students coming to study at ENAC

ENAC Foundation programs

ENAC Foundation is developing an excellence program for students applying to our courses. Each year, the ENAC-GIFAS grant allow students to come at ENAC and follow graduate engineer, Masters or Advances Masters programmes.

There is a specific grant program for GNSS Masters. The company ABBIA awards a scholarship to one student each year allowing them to reduce their tuition fees. More details on ENAC Foundation page ///

Eiffel Scholarships Program

If your application is particularly outstanding, ENAC can suggest your nomination for the Eiffel Scholarship. You must have applied to ENAC before 15th of December in the year preceding desired entry to the program. The number of scholarships given to ENAC is dependant on the exceptionally high standard of the applications. ENAC has obtained one to two scholarships every year since 2011, nevertheless the process is extremely selective.

Other grants

You may be able to benefit from specific grant programs for collaborations between your country and France. Contact the French embassy in your country to find out.
ENAC assistance for placements abroad (exchanges and placements)

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