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ENAC offers a wide range of flight training courses with distinct programs depending on their objectives. The ENAC flight school is widely known for its integrated flight training programs to become airline pilot.
ENAC has more than 70 years of experience in flight training and is recognized by major international airlines.
ENAC provides high-level training at seven practical training centres in France and on a fleet of more than one hundred aircraft of various types, allowing student pilots to train on diverse environments before their integration into an airline.




For more than 50 years, as part of the national training program implemented by the DGAC, ENAC has been providing theoretical and practical flight training. Financed by the French Government, this training is accessible each year to young people with a passion for aeronautics, who initiated a graduate program in a university, or who already have a private pilot license, after a demanding selection process.
At the end of this training, which lasts approximately two years, students obtain a commercial pilot license with IR-ME qualifications and a JOC-MCC certificate allowing them to join an airline as a co-pilot on commercial flights. 

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In 2011, ENAC created a “cycle préparatoire” for the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) training. This one-year course is open to students with a high school degree and allows a few students with proven interest in aeronautics and a high academic potential to enter the « Elèves Pilotes de Ligne » training.

For more information about CYCLE PREPARATOIRE ATPL, please visit the CYCLE PREPARATOIRE ATPL webpage - in French ///


ENAC provides integrated flight training programs exclusively for cadets preselected by airlines. These programs take into account the regulatory requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Authority to which the companies are affiliated.


Integrated ATPL programs train student pilots preselected by airlines to become operational copilots for commercial transport. The training aims at acquiring the necessary technical and non-technical skills for a safe operation of modern transport aircraft. A special attention is paid to the professional behavior of the future airline pilot: judgement, rigor, crew integration.
The programs are similar to the “EPL” student program, with an average duration of 24 months and delivering a CPL(A) license with a multi-engine instrument rating (IR-ME) and a multi-crew cooperation course certificate (MCC).  
The programs are tailor-made to fit the needs of airlines and their civil aviation authority.


In partnership with a major airline, ENAC is developing an innovative form of teaching based on skills development.
This partnership has resulted in a Multicrew Pilot License (MPL) program, which incorporates the use of flight simulators at an early stage of the practical training and focuses on crew work and decision-making skills.


ENAC offers flight instruction training as well as rating courses, including mountain rating and mountain flight instruction rating.


ENAC and the FFA (Fédération Française Aéronautique) have an agreement allowing aeroclubs affiliated to the FFA to train pilots wishing to give flight instruction.
The objective of the course is to bring trainees to a level of competence allowing them to give flight and ground instruction relative to obtaining a private pilot licence PPL(A).
During this training, emphasis is made on the development of flight experience as well as the learning of teaching methods.

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